Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft, spacecraft, and related systems and equipment.

Aerospace manufacturing is a high-technology industry that produces "aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, and related parts". Most of the industry is geared toward governmental work.

Aerospace engineering is a trade that applies engineering science in the development and study of aircraft, spacecraft and their related technologies. It is one of the most important branches of engineering and has helped humankind to dominate the skies and space above. 

Aerospace engineers typically specialize in one of two types of engineering: aeronautical or astronautical. Aeronautical engineers work with aircraft. They are involved primarily in designing aircraft and propulsion systems and in studying the aerodynamic performance of aircraft and construction materials. 

Aerospace materials are frequently metal alloys, although they also include polymeric based materials, that have either been developed for, or have come to prominence through, their use for aerospace purposes.

IAMI's & MD's Aerospace Consortium, can design spacecraft, aircraft, missiles and weapons systems. In addition, they are also responsible for assembling, maintaining and ensuring they function properly at all times. Some specialise in other important equipment such as air guidance systems, guidance control systems, propulsions, etc.