An aerostructure is a component of an aircraft's airframe. This may include all or part of the fuselage, wings, or flight control surfaces. Companies that specialize in constructing these components are referred to as "aerostructures manufacturers", though many larger aerospace firms with a more diversified product portfolio also build aerostructures.

Mechanical testing of the individual components or complete structure is carried out on a Universal Testing Machine. Test carried out include tensile, compression, flexure, fatigue, impact, compression after impact. Before testing the component, aerospace engineers build finite element models to simulate the reality. Lightweight components for wings, tail units, and fuselages have been our core of productions for more than 20 years. We are a global partner for development and manufacturing the general aviation ISR aircraft - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) provides the foundation for all military operations, and its principles have been used in warfare.

IAMI's is the perfect partner for the development, qualification, certification and production of primary as well as secondary aircraft structures. As a system integrator, we deliver ready-to-install turnkey solutions of the highest quality. 'Perfection Through Passion' is our claim.  Relying on novel composite solutions, we create components of complex geometries. This helps us reduce the number of components and make aircraft more lightweight and eco-friendlier. Building on our strong presence in key future markets for the aerospace industry, we offer our customers commercial competitiveness and help them gain access to new markets and business segments.